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Thread: Newbie here!

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    Newbie here!

    I've been working out for about 3 months and I've been using the POF methods. In these three months I went from 119 lbs. to a solid 141 lb. (body weight) I will post my stats at the bottom of this post. For the last month or so I've noticed that it has been much harder for me to gain any size on my arms. Should gains be considerably slow after the first couple of months and how much of a gain should i look forward to if i keep on training. And what are good ways that i could increase the size of my calves? I'm asian so it is hard to gain much size, so i'm happy that i've gotten this far. Thanks in advance for the replies.

    5ft. 3in.
    141 lb.
    32" waist
    14.1" bicep
    39" chest

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    Let me be the first to welcome you to WBB phy67. Enjoy your time spent here.

    As to your question, I heard that most gains are done in the first few months. Mind you, I am no where near informed on the subject, this is just what I have heard so don't hold me to it. Some of the other people looming around the boards will probably have a better answer for you.
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    welcome to the boasrds, and congrats on the gains. for the calves, i'd just try different types of calve raises. seated, standing, etc.
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    are you still gaining weight? if not, maybe you want to increase calories a little more. what's your diet look like?

    something to keep in mind: your arms won't just keep getting constantly bigger and bigger without hittin a plateau here and there. It's part of training. it happens. don't get frustrated. You could be overtraining them. how often are you working them? you should only be working arms once every 5-7 days.

    we can help more if your post your workout routine.

    oh and welcome to the Board.
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    14 inches is great for arms im 10.5! and i weigh almost same as you (im 5'11'') im 35'' chest too (breathing in!)

    yer id say increase calories (fats = best way) and swap your lifts about, do something new that your body isnt used too.
    Its the body adapting to change that causes it to grow and get stronger in certain areas.
    Keep the basics like deads and squats in, just change the reps and intensity.

    all i can offer really,
    well done tho on your impressive gains!
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    To answer the gains question:

    I have heard and it is my experience that for the first 3 years of training you make gains relatively quickly. I have been training for nearly 2 years and my gains are still coming strong. Not in my biceps though. But it depends where your focus is and genetic tendencies.

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    These are just basic example on what i have been doing for the past 3 months. My average gym time is around 1 hour and 5 min. no more then 1 hour 30 min depending on how crowded the gym is. I look forward to all my resting periods and do not cheat by working out a little extra anymore. I usually do 7 set average per body part per day and i'm surprised at how much gains i have achieved without doing the many sets and reps that i see other people do.

    During the first two months, I just worked out every mon, wed, fri.
    Mon:upper chest, delts, hamstrings, calves, abs
    Wed:lower chest, lats, traps, quads
    friday: indirect (light) all muscles, calves, abs

    During these two months I gained 15 lbs. and a lot of size to my entire body.

    This last month I've done dropsets, supersets, and target overload.
    Ex. varies from my real workout.
    week 1-2 month 3: dropsets (4 days)*heavy-light on days
    mon: pecs (heavy),arms(light), calves (heavy)
    tues:hamstring (heavy), lats (light)
    thurs:Traps(heavy), pecs (light), quads (light)
    fri: Quads(heavy), Lats (heavy), calves (light)

    week 3 month 3: superset (3 days)
    tues: pecs, delts,abs
    wed:hams, quad, calves
    thurs:lats, traps, abs, arm

    week4 month 3: target overload (5 days)*lots of volume 2-3 sets 8-10 reps per target muscle*
    Mon:delts, calves
    Tues:Hamstring,Lats, abs
    Wed: Pecs, traps
    Friday:Arms, abs

    I have done all of these excercises with dumbbells because i like the feel over barbell.
    flat/decline bench 80-90 lbs. 3x8-10
    incline bench 60-70 lbs. 3x8-10
    squat 285 lbs. 3x8-10
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