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Thread: Iraq war - the real reason, the right reason, the moral reason, and the stated reason

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    god this thread sucks

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    Originally posted by restless

    I really am extremely biased towards respecting life and human rights.
    Mr. Stagg, it is SO difficult. But I'm trying!

    Originally posted by RoidRage

    I forgot who said it but pacifisism is what led to the rise of the likes of Hitler and other dictators. I think around 6 million jews would disagree with you.
    Thank you.
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    The reason this thread is in an endless spin is the duality of this war.

    Is it an unjust war for strategic oil interest based on fabrications and lies?

    Is it a just war to liberate Iraqi people and the world from a brutal tyrant?

    It is both. That is what the original post was saying and the article.

    But what do we do with that? I think we learn from it.

    As restless says, falling victim to government propoganda makes us sheep and gives rise to dictators and police states. Exactly how easy is it to engage in peaceful protest opposing the government these days? Why not ask Michael Moore whose DVD Bowling for Columbine had it's release forceably delayed twice due to government pressure.

    All the "better safe than sorry" comments are hard evidence that many Americans have been fooled.

    At the same time, pacifists should realize that international law is the law of the jungle. If America wants to get rid of Saddam for "strategic interests" then it can do so. If you really want to make a difference then you should lobby your governments to create an international law body that is functional, and has some credibility and clout.

    The UN is not that organization in it's current form.
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    Where's my oil? I want my share of what we won over there. Maybe it's coming in the form of a tax return next year. I refuse to pay more than $.25 per gallon of gasoline, and if U.S. Marines have to go door to door and slaugter innocent Saudi-children to get that, so be it.
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    And it's over.

    Start a new thread if you want a new topic.
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