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Thread: Blue Collar Diet <----------------------

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    Blue Collar Diet <----------------------

    Does anyone here work a blue collar job?

    My brother is working construction at an airport this summer. He spends 10-11+ hours a day doing manual labor. As you can imagine, it's difficult to eat enough quality meals as well as work out when you doing manual labor all the live long day.

    What meals would you suggest for him to prepare/eat daily. Keep in mind that he does not have access to a microwave. He's an ectomorph. Right now he's 6'3" and he weighs about 175 pounds.

    He's new at the body building lifestyle; I plan to take him grocery shopping this weekend to show him what to buy.



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    chicken, tuna, eggs, peanuts.

    precook the chicken and then take it to work. hardboli the eggs and take them to work

    tons of other things as well.
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    Pretty much anything he can fit into a cooler and has time to eat. I know I would probably pack some sandwiches (chicken, pb, etc) on ww bread. Maybe some type of nuts to snack on during breaks. He could always make up a few shakes to take with him as well. I would try sticking to calorie dense foods because meals that contain a lot of bulk could leave him feeling too full and lethargic.

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    Perhaps Make some high calorie shakes and put them in a cooler. Throw in some protein, natty pb, some fruit, whole milk, maybe some oats.
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    A guy I worked with was hardcore about his diet. Here's what he did. He'd take a 5 minute break every 3 hours and eat a couple sammitchs, usually tuna or chicken or something but if he didn't have time he kept nutrition bars handy in his cooler so he could eat one on the go while working.
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