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Thread: Lighter weight workout instead of cardio?

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    Lighter weight workout instead of cardio?

    Can a light weight workout be used in place of cardio for calorie burning purposes? I have a 3 day split, and would set it up so that there is as must rest as possible for the body parts, for example:

    1- Chest/Back, Light
    2- Legs, Heavy
    3- Shoulders/Arms, Light
    4- Chest/Back, Heavy
    5- Legs, Light
    6- Shoulders/Arms, Heavy
    7- Rest

    If not, Ill just do cardio. Thanks
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    It might be used in place of cardio. You could probably try cutting down the rest time inbetween sets on the light days but I would also reduce the volume a little bit on the heavy days. This will help to prevent overtraining. My 2 anyway.
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