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Thread: Deli Cold Cuts / Friend or Foe

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    Deli Cold Cuts / Friend or Foe

    hey all,

    i just wanted to know about the following question. i usually eat a hero after my workouts. Low fat bread, deli cold cut ham, w/ lettuce, tomatoe, NO mayo though.

    i don't know what the fat content of the deli ham is, but wondered if eating cold cut ham or a hero after my workouts is ok.

    sometimes, i'll subsitute the ham for chicken breast hero, which i make at home.

    ~just wanted to know your opinion, thanks

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    i'd go with a post-workout shake consisting of whey and a high GI carb like dextrose or maltodextrine instead.
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    Ya what ^ he said. Quick absorption is the key here. So something simple. Then the sandwich later.
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