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Thread: Military, navy seals, etc.

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    Military, navy seals, etc.

    An older friend of mine (not that old maybe 25 or so) said that in a few months his navy seal training he gained 16 pounds of lean tissue and his bodyfat level dropped to 9% from about 18%!. This is not hard to believe because i know a few army rangers who had similar results and they're training is less intense. What i do know is that they work their ass off all day every day with cardio and calisthenics. no pumping iron. This is obviously against the popular train one bodypart a week, eat perfect, and rest most the time principle, and yet they yield very impressive results. Why do you think this is? Diet? secret energy hidden in their meals? magic? WTF?

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    I think they get results the same way someone with a really physical job does. The body responds to the stress that is put on it. Either it grows or dwindles under the stress. Since not many people finish Special Forces training I assume the ones that do are the ones who grew. Just like if 2 people start a construction job. The one that adjusts to the job will stick around. The one who just keeps feeling more beat up usually quits. So I guess part of the secret is also genetic. Your body has to be able to adapt to that kind of stress to begin with.
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    Well, my dad was a Ranger and threw discus at a competitive level in high school/college, and so was pretty big going into the army. Coming out, he said he might have lost a little bit of BF, but he also lost a lot of muscle. According to him, the biggest thing that training in the army, and especially Ranger training does for you is let you be mentally prepared to push yourself to your body's limits (and of course the skill training)

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    I know a few guys in the Navy and they are cut as fukk, but pretty damn skinny. That is a good thing and a bad thing depending on your goals.

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    Low bodyfat can be a detriment in a marine environment. You're less bouyant and less insulated. Though, there were a few ladies I wouldn't go out with because they were a little too "insulated".
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