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Thread: Power clean + squat?

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    Power clean + squat?

    What muscles does power clean work? Should i do them on the same day I do squat and other leg work?

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    Powerclean will work a great many musclegroups. Olympic lifts are sometimes difficult to incorporate into a traditional weight training routine, as it can interfere with your other days. You would be working your quads, gluets, hamstrings, entire posterior chain, abs, traps, and possibly shoulders depending on how you do them. It is a very technical lift, and if you are doing it to either just get stronger, or get bigger, I'd probably say don't do em. Just do some speed squats.
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    You can do these same exercises on the same day as they do compliment each other....

    As an example, I do Cleans and Press and squats on the same day. I'll do Cleans first to do a warmup then go into squats then heavy front squats or Stiff Legs (depending on what cycle).

    But as ElPietro said...Cleans are technical and you should be careful if you're going to use them for two reasons. 1) you could seriously mess your back up if your technique sucks and 2) they do work out a number of bodyparts so if you're doing a more 'bodybuilding' type routine then you might have to rearrage bodyparts to make sure you get good rest!

    Good luck!

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    Cleans really work my traps, so I do em on the day I do shrugs and I've seen lots of results....

    But if you're gonna do cleans, start with like the bar, and perfect your form before you start putting on the weight. My friend was doing cleans with weights for awhile with wrong form, and his wrist got ****ed up.
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    depends on how heavy they are... if you feel your legs working real hard(as they would if it was very heavy), do it on squat day, otherwise, you will prob feel it alot more in your traps, so do them when ever you work them
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    I can see problems if one practices his cleans by doing them with the bars. I think it would be too easy to reverse curl or upright row the weight instead of using the right muscles, and the bar will move so fast that it will be hard to really be sure that your form is correct.

    I'd like to know what trainers make the olympic lifting beginners do.


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