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Thread: Thank You WBB Forums

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    Thank You WBB Forums

    I joined these forums a little over 3 months ago, and the change, while not incredible, has been terrific and I'm ecstatic. I no longer feel shamefully thin. I actually look respectable without a shirt on. I wear clothes that highlight my good features, rather than clothes that diminish the bad ones.

    Therefore I just want to thank everyone here. Even if I never 'spoke' to you on the boards personally, I probably read some of your posts and learned something. This whole community is so incredible, I'm glad I found it and have become a part of it. I don't post often but I'm definitely here, and believe me, I'm very happy to be here! Take it easy,


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    congrats, i feel the same way. i'm making some serious progress!

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    That's great Don, keep up the good work and keep posting. It is more fun when you are involved.

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    Congrats on the accomplishment. Just remember it's your accomplishment, this board is great for motivation and advice, but it's all you in the end. Keep it up, and don't be afraid to post more often.
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    Yeah, definitely keep posting. Start a journal; they're fun!

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    What ElP said...nice work Don!
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