The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    deadlifting: warm-up question.

    I start my back workout with a few warm-up pullovers, and some stretching and then do three sets of pullovers, a bit more stretching and one set of dl at 135lb's then go straight to 200 (which is were I'm at weight wise) doing one working set at 200, then one at 190. Am I asking to get injured? Should I do a couple at 135 first? This is how I normally workout (warming up, then going right for the heaviest weight and doing a set or two, and dropping some weight.

    any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you
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    Gaglione Strength Chris Rodgers's Avatar
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    I always warm up with the bar and work my way up. I can pull 485 and I start with the bar, then 1 plate, 2,3,4.

    I know guys who can lift 500, 600, 700, even 800 lbs and they do the same thing. Get enough lifts in during warmups to prepare for the heavy stuff, but don't tax yourself too much warming up.
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    Yeah, I didn't think I was warming up enough. I don't want to get injured. Tomorrow I'll try, the bar twice, then 70, 135, then a working set of 200, 190.
    Thank you Latman

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    why did this page stop accepting threads?

    i have to re-qwrite it now

    my warm up

    working set.

    i do some light sets to warm the muscle up. then a heavy singles to get my nerovus system kicking in.
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    Yep. Start at one plate, go all the way up until 4 plates, then I'll pull my max (which might be an extra 2 + change per side.) I can't pull TOO close to my max on warm-ups, or I'll be overly fatigued. About 70% is as close as I get.
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    i go:

    it's alot of sets for alot of people for most people, but it works for me
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    Wounded Deadlifter ryan1117's Avatar
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    I went last Sunday:

    I usually go:
    5-9 170

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    Do most of you guys stretch out before deads, or just let the warm up sets themselves take care of that?

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    Eating more pork.
    I like to work my way up with 1 reps. Not just for warming up, but then it doesn't feel like such a big jump. I do the same for squats and bench.

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    I get all streched out, then I proceed with the warmup.
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    Originally posted by Belial
    Yep. Start at one plate, go all the way up until 4 plates, then I'll pull my max (which might be an extra 2 + change per side.) I can't pull TOO close to my max on warm-ups, or I'll be overly fatigued. About 70% is as close as I get.
    I'm the same as Alex. Usually at 4 plates is my final warmup, and usually it's no more than 3 reps, then I will go for whatever heavy single I'm going for. Be it 5 plates or a bit more than 5. Although, I may start experimenting with new warmup schemes.
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    I just pick up 135 once and thats it. Stretch some too. I jump right into 305lbs after that. Not a lot.but you get the point.
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    Usually when i do deads I've already done good mornings or squats, so I cut warmup to a minimum since the primary movers of a deadlift are already warm and ready to go.
    If I've already done it I usually go one or two reps of 185, then 2-3 of 225, 1-2 at 275,1-2 at 315, 1-2 at 365, then singles up to, or preferably higher than, my max. I usually do about 3-4 sets of singles. I do singles at lower weights as well because it primes me for a quick dip and rip a lot better than does larger sets.
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    I'm with Budiak on this one. I usually have done the rest of my back workout before I begin deads. I still start with one plate and work up to 4 plates or higher for sets of 8 reps.
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