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Thread: to those who have done HIIT

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    to those who have done HIIT

    ok, today was the first time i tried HIIT. I did it on an elliptical machine. i warmed up for ~4 minutes, then did i think about 7 intervals of sprinting for ~ 10 seconds then resting from between ~30-45 seconds. I then did a 3 minute cool down. I then followed my HIIT with a post-cardio shake of 1 scoop of whey (22g protein) and 60g of dextrose.

    Questions- when you guys do HIIT, do you guys almost feel as if your lungs just want to jump out of your chest? is that a sign that i did it intensely enough? i mean, to me when i was finished i just wanted to lay down and close my eyes for a bit. my legs felt like they do after a leg workout and my chest felt like it was going to explode.

    also, does my post-cardio shake look ok? or shiuld i subtract some of the carbs? add more protein? both? (currently 6'0, 150 pounds, BULKING)

    any advice would be appriciated.

    also, to add- i didnt have a way of checking my heart rate while i was doing HIIT. do you guys think it is important to know your heart-rate? or dont you guys concern yourselfs with it very much, and just go balls to the wall with your sprints?
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    It's your first time...the first time I did HIIT, I felt like I was going to die also.
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    First few times is always rough. It's normal, don't sweat it (no pun intended)

    Personally, I find sprinting the best form of HIIT.
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    get off the elliptical and on the track... i was doing it on the elliptical for a while, then switched over, and found out what "high intensity" truly was

    also heartrate is of no concern, you can tell how hard you're going better than a machine can. the shake is also fine, from what i've read you're supposed to have the same post-workout shake as you would after lifting


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