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    shin splints

    i have shin splints and i heard strengthening the anterior muscle(the one on the front of the shin) will balance the muscles and solve the problem. my problem is i dont know how to pump it up ,exercise it. does anyone know any

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    I use to get shin splint. I started doing toe taps. Anytime I was sitting around at work or school I would tap my toe, like playing a bass drum, unitl it would start burning. The shin splints when away forever after a short time.
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    continue walking, jogging, or running, and they'll eventually go away i guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by unshift
    continue walking, jogging, or running, and they'll eventually go away i guess

    That is terrible advice. Why make a guess?

    Rest is the only thing you can do. Find another activity until your shin splints have healed. Stretching and strengthening the calf muscles can help prevent the injury from returning. Examine all the training variables surface, shoes, training volume, intensity, workout type, hills, weather conditions, etc. to see where the underlying problem is.

    Do a google search. You'll find lots of info.

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    I use to get shin splints all the time and the only way they've gone away is when I run on them. It hurts like hell but I try icing them, stretching them and all that crap and it doesn't work.

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    i get shin splints when i run about 5 days a week and i just had to stop because they were burning. could it be because of my shoes though, because i've never had it before with other shoes, including my time in the track & field team 6 years ago when we had training twice a week?

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    Best idea would be to stop running for a few weeks and let it heal. Ride a bike or something instead, and when you start running again, run on grass or soft dirt. Avoid training on concrete and asphalt.

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    You can work the anterior calf muscle with toe raises. Try resting a plate, like a 25, on your toes and lift up the ball of your foot, keeping the heel planted.

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    Man my shins are terrible if i walk fast for 5 minutes it starts to hurt alot.
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    yah take a break and stretch them literally whenever you think about it...


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