It's been about 2 months and I have not lost more than 2 lbs. I am frustrated that i have not lost more and think it's because there is not enough fat in my diet so I was thinking to supplement with fish oil.

can someone tell me if i'm on track with this or need to make other changes? Basically I increased my activity level and drastically changed my diet while keeping the caloric intake the same as before.

i used to do moderate cardio about 3-4x a week. now do strength training about 2x a week and and 3-5x high intensity cardio.i eat about 5x a day (200-300 cals per meal, about 1200-1400 cals per day). drink 10+ cups of water. about 95% of fat in my diet is already in the food. i rarely add in fat when i cook. i have about 3-4 "free meals" a week. i don't go crazy and meals are not fat dense, i just don't carefully monitor what's in the food. my diet has:

veggies (mostly carrots,spinach,tomato,romaine)
tuna, grilled or canned chicken, ground turkey patties, ff cottage cheese, egg beaters
beans,whole wheat bread, brown rice(seldom), fruit (mainly oranges,banana,apples)
ff sf yogurt, protein powder,oats.

fish oil Q's, using this article as a reference

-based on my diet, do i need an vitE and vitK supplement?. i live in CA but am rarely in the sun. does that make cod oil a better choice for me (vit d)?

-i'm currently eating a TB of raw flax seeds daily. does that mean I should take 2 teasp of oil instead of a whole TB of fish oil

- is there a way to evaluate the quality of fish oil? like if i get them at walmart /costco, vs. ordering carlson's.