Hi, this is my first post here on WBB forums. I figured who better to ask than the place where I got one of my favorite lifting routines. So here we go.

6 months ago: Freshman year in college a little more than halfway over, I decided I wanted to start working out again since I had become lazy and I thought I needed some more muscle since I hadn't lifted since sophomore year of high school. I supplemented Protein, Creatine, and multivitamins. I used a routine I found on this site and experienced some great gains.

I consumed a lot of calories and my muscles got much bigger. Arms went up from 16 to ~17.25 or so, forearms from 11.5 to 13 and legs exploded, but I never measured them. That's the good news.

The bad news is that with my extremely high calorie diet and no cardio I had become pretty overweight. I would consider it borderline obese. I came out of college at the end of this May weighing in at 263 pounds (I'm 6'4", 36-38" waist).

In the beginning of June, I bought a membership to a local Gold's Gym and began an effort to lose as much weight as possible, since I no longer really care about being big and just want to look more attractive. Since then I've lost about 17 pounds putting me around 246. I still want to lose a LOT more weight. So I decided to adopt a new diet.

Now, I have a bowl of cereal when I wake up, and I consume a large turkey/chicken/ham sandwich whenever I feel hungry to tide me over until I eat a meager dinner. I've reduced my calorie intake to around ~1000-1500 calories a day. I have also started taking ephedra-free hydroxycut and a multi-vitamin.

My workout consists of a 5-minute warmup on the bike followed by grueling resistance training taking anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on how energetic I feel. From there, I head to the cardio machines (I plan to switch the machine every 2 weeks or so, to make sure my body doesn't adapt to one machine). Here I make it pretty difficult, keeping my heart rate pretty consistently at 180bpm for 30 minutes.

I drink plenty of water and try to spread out my intake so that I'm never too hungry, the sandwiches do a pretty good job of tiding me over.

Is this a good workout plan to lose as much fat as possible? Is my calorie intake too low? If I raise it, will it take longer to lose weight? Am I doing the right amount of cardio? Am I a moron?

Thanks so much for reading, and sorry for such a long post. Any and all help is extremely appreciated.