Perhaps one of you could assist me in creating a routine!!!!

Ok, here's the deal...
I'm going to have to do this Air Alert II Verticle Jump Program and run relatively hard 5x a week (Mon - Fri) until around October and starting next Monday. I'm not going to try to cut (I'll eat over maintanence), but I want to maintain (or improve if possible, but that seems unlikely) my muscle mass/strength, improve my GPP/endurance/lung capacity/VO2 MAX/Verticle and get ready for a heavy strength/power routine.

As far as stats I'm 195 10% BF and 6'2...I've been running a little bit recently and have run Cross Country/Indoor Track the past 3 years (no track last year), so the cardio won't overwhelm me or anything. I would say my GPP and recover ability are definately pretty good already, and I've been lifting around 8-9 months or so (I finish the Add 50 lbs to Bench Routine on Sunday),

Until August 14 or I'll be able to choose my running time (it's gonna be in the morning after drinking whey with water and having a banana, with lifting at around 4:00), but after that I'll be able to lift around 2:30 and then by 4:30 I'll have to start warming up for cross country (not counting weekends, which will be relatively free)... any ideas?