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Thread: Different squats

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    Different squats

    I asked this question in my journal, but nobody answered it, so I thought I could post it here to get more attention to the question. I apologize in advance, since this is the upteenth thread on squats in the last few weeks.

    Is it safe to perform ATF squats and parallel squats in the same regiment? For example, I'm planning to do 3 sets of ATF squats, and 3 sets of squats to parallel.

    Is it OK for my knees to be slightly past my toes when performing ATF squats?? I know the general rule is that the knees shouldn't get past the toes when performing parallel squats, but find it extremely impossible to do that when doing ATF. I tried various stances and etc to solve this but to no avail.
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    I've seen it said that going ATF is actually easier on the knees so I don't think it would too much of a problem if they drifted over the toes a bit.

    I don't think its an issue with doing both in the same workout. With so many variables coming into play (remainder of the workout, food, rest, etc.) couldn't hurt to at least try it and see how it goes. You can always tweak one of those variables until you come up with a combination you are happy with.
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    Try to think more of sitting back into the squat rather than sitting down into it. If your knees are drifting beyond your toes, you may be leaning forward too much. Have someone look at your form just to make sure you aren't setting yourself up for injury.

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    Nothing wrong with getting your knees over your toes. For an ATF squat, it's pretty much essential. Look at pics of any olympic lifters, a good majority of them get their knees over their toes.


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