If bulking means gaining alot of fat and muscle, and strength, its all good right, but after a good bulk, the wish that often follows is the need to feel ripped, to be ripped, to be hard. The road to losing fat and keeping lean muscle mass will eventually lead to strength loss and muscle loss, then you wont have that much more strength or muscle than you did back when you were ripped, this is true for many cases when the induvidual had been going from ripped to bulking.

What do you think, I am now on my full way to go down to 11% by the 10th of august, I have always been the bulking kind of guy, hanging around 15-18% bodyfat, getting a really fat feature less face and fat on my lowerback and over my abs on the inside of my arms, and I ask my self :

what is the point of having muscle, if I cant see them, I will never ever go higher than 12% bodyfat from now on in my bodybuilding life, If I can help it my self.

I just think the whole bulking thing is a myth, a stupid myth, and I think its much easier to spot muscle growth while being 10%, then while being 20%, and its also much more inspirational for the trainee to be lean.

the bulking trap, dont step into it, try to be lean, and smear your self with time, the muscle will come anyway, you dont have to go 5000kalories.

Does anyone agree with me, tell me why and why not!