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Thread: Mental Game

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    Mental Game

    I realize how important a role the mind plays in achieving your goals, bodybuilding or otherwise. My question is how or what you think or focus on when you lift, that helps you push heavy weights, maintain your diet, or workout on crummy days etc. What goes through your minds when you are going for that extra rep, or new PR?
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    i try to feel like an animal it helps make things simple i see i lift i see i eat .

    I train through injuries or limitations just so i can progress my body even though i will probably never get huge big i have a goal of 220 cut
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    just think about whatever it is that inspires you. whether it be the notion that someone else is out there getting big or stronger while you're being lazy, looking good for the ladies, looking good for yourself, being healthy, etc...

    the only person that can make you work hard is yourself. if you need outside assistance you aren't ready.

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    I feel like a mathematician when I lift. All I think about are numbers. And it isn't even numbers relevant to the workout I'm doing; I'm thinking about what I want my numbers to be in a month, 6 months, a year. That's what motivates me: Not what I am, what I'm going to make myself be.

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    I block everything out around me and focus it all into pushing that extra bit further....

    Edit: lol.. how cheesy did that sound.
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    Have an image of the finished picture in your head,

    either that or DON"T think at all, otherwise you can talk yourself of doing something to heavy, play mind games (hey I'll go for 10 maybe push 12) keep going, just try not to think too much!!

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    At the gym I try to focus on my routine for that day and that day only.

    During an exercise I focus on my form and visualize what the muscle is doing. I think that's the best way to keep your form tight and on track, that and not trying to lift too much weight.
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    I just lift the weight, count the reps and push myself when the pain of burning sets in. I've also got how many reps i want to achieve lodged in my head (usually one more than what i managed the previous week) and make sure i go for it if the day is right.

    The form and all that is just instinctive for me now.
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    I see myself doing it and complete the repetitions in my mind. Then when I lift the weights they feel light.


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