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Thread: Info on working out neck PLEASE! high reps low reps and how often??

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    Info on working out neck PLEASE! high reps low reps and how often??

    hey i want my neck to get a little bigger and i know the excercises but i dont know what kind of weight i should use and if i should go heavy or light, and should i train it once twice or 3 times a week? thanks for the info-

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    i'd say HEAVY shrugs
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    I say you should pyramid up. Do light sets of shrugs maybe 25 reps, then add weight till you can do 15 reps, 12, 9, etc. till you cant do anymore.
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    If you are going to work neck I`d say go high reps as heavy weight can pull muscles even if you are properly warmed up.I use a 4-way neck machine and started going heavier as I got stronger and couldn`t turn my head for days.Work it twice a week ,if you aren`t satisfied with the results try 3x weekly or another split(experiment)Ideally your neck,biceps ,and calves should all measure approximately 1 inch of each other for best proportion.


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