Yea, pretty damn cool title for a journal ain't it

Well, i had the old journal for what seemed like ever, so i decided to find something that fit my personality and my goals, this title *which was inspired by my homegirl CG* reflects the "real" Pup, always fighting the system, wanting to improve myself and my environment...okay, enough with the eloquent speech, lets talk about some damn goals.

Bodybuilding next planned show is next summer, a bunch of us from WBB are gonna do it, my good friend beercan and i will be competing in the same class, we have a lil bet going as well. This fall i will be doing a hardcore lean gain, how hardcore, for legal purposes lets just say i don't plan on doing anymore tested shows After that i will maintain til april, at which time i will begin my contest phase...that will be outlined later as i begin to formulate my plan of attack.

Life stuff...keep working on my damn degree, eventually i'll have this sucker done and can finally move to NC where i can teach high school and play golf year round

Ok, now to the training.

My brother powerman has designed me a nice hypertrophy specific periodization plan which i am currently using, basically its four weeks that vary intensity and rep ranges, i'll be implementing drop sets and **** like that.

My nutrition is basically just gonna be the zig-zag method, bulk phase in the fall, maintenance in spring, diet in summer, nothing fancy, just gonna stick to the basics and kick ass.

Ok, that's all of that's what i did today.

m1-oatbran pancakes
m2-protein pudding, grilled ham and cheese
m3-protein shake
m4-8oz chicken, 1/2 cup pasta sauce, 1 package ramen w/o flavor packet
m5-2oz corn tortillas w/salsa

bench 200x8, 210x8, 220x8
dips bwx10, 3 sets
peck deck 100x8, 110x8, 120x8
cable x-overs 40x8, 50x8, 60x8

cardio...15 min on treadmill, varying inclines

comments...i've decided to go back to 2x/day cardio sessions til i'm satisfied with my leaness, i've been slacking on the diet and look like a fat cow

rant...i'm sick of craving sugar, make the damn cravings stop!