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Thread: Back to the Basics

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    Originally posted by carolinagirl
    Just spam, because I'm glad that you're alive and posting again!


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    I see you yapping on the site, but where's the training!
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    Good to see you back in here doc. I found myself doing the "nothing fits" bit not long ago, so I'm right there with you on the weightloss goal. How's postgraduate life treatin' you?

    oh yeah...


    "You're such a girl carbon. You're strong as hell, making wicked progress, and I post in your journal. WTF more could you want?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by the doc
    was able to work legs today

    squat, still cant - groin and l. knee

    leg press - worked up to 470 over 4 sets. ran (470 x 8) x 5

    copious amounts of stretching afterwards
    it's good that you're posting workouts

    but the content is crap.

    Give us more details, man! Let us see the progress and the failure, the pain and the gain! We want drama dammit!!!


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