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    Back to the Basics

    It's the end of an era. Mass and Strength, my old journal, has been retired. My goals in mass and strength were met in some respects, and not in others. I certainly increased mass over time, and strength as well. I increased my legs to over 27 inches, and definitely increased back, chest and arm size. Strength gains were not to bad, but then again that was not the primary goal (hence mass and strength and not strength and mass )

    I spent a fair amount of money on supps - multi vits, other vits and min, protein powder, creatine, 1test to mention a few (including some grey area products which i got to use but that is a story for another day). A confluence of events has caused me to totally rethink why i exercise and lift. Sometimes we, i mean lifters in general, get so caught up in the quest for size and strength that we lose sight of our original reason for starting to exercise. Well that certainly happened to me. I have been addicted to strength gains, but not so much so that i was beyond the line of no return.

    It is time to move on, and set new goals.

    One of the most sobering things that happened to me recently was that i went though my closet, sorting what dress clothes i could wear. I had a variety of pants in the 32-35 waist range. Virtually none of these pants fit me in the legs and less than half fit in the waist. I dont have a whole lot of money, and buying a new wardrobe, when I have a bunch of pants in the 34 waist size that would easily fit if i would lose a little of the waistline.

    Thus my new goals are purely on the fat loss side of things. An old fashioned cut. No supps, no drugs, nothing but the basics: eat, sleep, lift, cardio.

    I am going to really lower volume of workouts, following a scheme I devised with the help of mason some time ago.

    Diet will not be very specific except to meet a couple of requirments. I need at least 200 g protein/day and no more than 150 g carbs on none lifting days. Something must be eaten every 4 hours. Cals will be between 2500-3500 depending on activity level and hunger pains. total daily caloric needs are somewhere between 4000-4500 (fitday). Aiming to lose 1-2 lbs per week.
    I am tracking daily food intake on
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