I was thinking about the phrase "You are what you eat" this morning, and it got me thinking.....if you use this phrase to decide what to eat from day to day, logically it would become "You eat what you are", right? I'm not saying cannibalism, but does this presume one should eat primarily protein, and fats, even saturated fats, and perhaps a little carbo, and drink lots of water?

I mean does it validate making red meat a staple of your diet? I'm thinking about this stuff called pemmican, which is basically 1 part rendered animal fat to 1 part dried meat. It has almost 100% digestibility, and a person could survive, and survive well eating about 3/4 of a pound of it a day. (Native American Hunters used to use this when going on trips). So you have this food, which is quite similar to what our bodies are and it has almost 100% digestibility and bio-availability. Does this mean it's a perfect food for us?

does anyone have any input on this subject? (I don't need anyone to TELL me what the right way to eat is - this is just a philosophical nutritional discussion)