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Thread: ANOTHER WBB Routine #1

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    ANOTHER WBB Routine #1

    Hey guys! Whats up? Well I have been working on WBB Routine # 1 for about 2 weeks now. On day one (Chest and Back) I cannot do Dips or Chin Ups . What exercises could I replace these with? I know that it is possible to do Lat Pull Down instead of chin ups (at least until I can do chin ups) but what about dips? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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    you should try improvising with what you have, you can try getting two chairs and doing them or look around and try and find something
    My profile picture is about 5 years old, I'll get around to taking some progress pics eventually.

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    I can hardly do them either, but now after 4 weeks I can do my 6 dips, but only 2 (2 and a half) chins.

    if you keep trying you will get them.....I reckon they are an essential part of the program.


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