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Thread: just started: need help with joints!!

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    just started: need help with joints!!

    hi there

    i'm now 20 years old and have started training and weight-gain dieting seriously. however, i was at uni for my first year before this and everyone knows how much alcohol and ****ty food people go through at uni. i was hardly consuming ANY vitamins or minerals.

    my joints are generally weak and i'm afraid mainly of my knees because they've started gettin very slightly worse in terms of clicking. i reckon it was cuz of the squats - i can normally feel the pressure in my knees when doing them, even with correct form.

    my upper body joints and my ankles are ok, so i might go all the way with heavy weights for my calves and upper body.

    but what exercises should i do for my thighs so that minimal stress is applied to my knees so that they can recover over time. i've started taking all my vits and minerals in larger amounts due to bodybuilding. i am eating 6 meals a day, etc, and have started taking cod liver oil and glucosamine for the joints as well.

    what would u advise??

    my main aim is to gain muscle mass. i just dont wanna screw up my joints.

    i'm only 5ft 8 inches, and have not gone through a massive natural growth spurt yet, so may be i might grow slightly taller in the next year or so, so i wouldnt wanna screw about with my joints.

    help will be appreciated

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    I've always heard that Hack squats and leg extensions are hard on the knees.

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    I`m considerably older than you are. But when I started lifting(a whole year ago )I had bursitis in both shoulders and quit a bit of joint pain. The glucosamine should help some, at least that`s what I hear, I use it as well. But I found that the longer I lifted the less pain and stuff I experienced. I`m assuming the stress I inflict on myself has spawned strengthening in all of the tendons and ligaments, therefore no more pain. I was considering another cortisone shot. But no longer need it, I have very little joint pain now, and I never miss doin my squats, or lunges. dz


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