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Thread: Please critique this routine (Done by sn English trainer)

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    Please critique this routine (Done by sn English trainer)

    I am 16 and my lifestyle allows me to eat 1 or 2 times daily and usually hang out with my friends at night.

    Day 1: Back & Calves
    Select one type of CHIN
    Select one type of ROW

    Day 2: Chest & Forearms
    (pre-set up your pectoral girdle)
    Select one type of Barbell or Dumbell PRESS
    whether Incline/Decline/flat
    SELECT a DIP exercise

    Day 3 OFF

    Day 4: Posterior Chain & Hams
    Select one type of DEADLIFT
    Select one type of SHRUG
    Select one type of HAM exercise

    Day 5: Shoulders & Arms & Abs
    Select one type of SHOULDER PRESS
    Select dumbell front/side/rear delt lateral raise for only one to TOTAL failure set on each and do not count reps.
    Select a curl exercise for bis
    Select a decline or press exercise for triceps
    VERY CRUEL SLOW crunches for abs maximum of 25 reps. 2 sets

    Day 6: OFF

    Day 7: Quads and glutes
    3 sets of BACK SQUATS (ass to the grass style) or FRONT SQUATS/HACK SQUATS.
    2 sets of LUNGES for steel-hard glutes and also daily force-squeeze those glutes for half a minute at a time whenever you can.

    (if you are not 90% dead you have wimped out!)
    Day 8: OFF
    DAY 9: OFF AGAIN if necessary

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    You need to eat more than once or twice daily.

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    Originally posted by Mik
    You need to eat more than once or twice daily.
    bump, your training isn't going to be as effective when you aren't going to eat well..
    My profile picture is about 5 years old, I'll get around to taking some progress pics eventually.

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    You only eat once or twice daily? How do you live???

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