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Thread: degneration in bodybuilding threads *PLEASE READ*

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    degneration in bodybuilding threads

    just a quick reminder as I can see its getting a bit out of hand again...

    Can we all make sure that in the bodybuilding forums we try and stick to the topic at hand.. Of course I am not saying you must be totally rigid and any personal comment is out of the question, but I think we should draw the line somewhere..

    You might think that the odd comment is fine, but its that comment that sparks of others (yes we do have a bunch of wiseasses here ) and before you know it a thread that started off good has 5 pages with only about 2 that are any good..

    As moderators we are going to be a bit more active in making sure this is not allowed ruin threads..

    So beware any silly comments or anything that is going to draw away from the topic at hand maybe be edited or deleted.

    I think the quality of the posts in the bodybuilding forums and the knowledge of our members is what sets wbb apart from the rest of the crowd and has been a main point in attracting new members..

    So lets make sure we don't dilute the knowledge with silly posts in the bodybuilding forums and lets all make a concious effort to keep things clean and on topic in the bodybuilding forums..

    Lets keep all that in general chat..
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