Guys -

It looks like I'm going to need to switch the routine up a bit. As you may know, my primary intentions since getting back into the gym 9 months ago was more general health/fitness and power/mobility for my golf game rather than true body building.

3 reasons I'm planning on shuffling up a bit:
- In the past month I've started some major (non-fitness, non-sports) lifestyle changes: I've gotten married, I'm about to begin construction on a new home, and at work my job description and responsibilities have completely changed. All this equates to less time in the gym (the gym is 30 minutes either way from my golf facility and my home).
- To be honest, ever since I started the routine below, my golf game has gone to crap. I think I've added a bit too much mass in the chest area and now the timing in my swing is way off.

Based on this, I think I'm going to tone it down a bit, but still stay in "the game."

My previous workout, based primarily on the book “Ernie Els’ Guide to Golf Fitness”…was as follows:
Days 1 and 3:
10 minutes stretching
20 minutes cardio
Dumb bell Bench/Incline
Lat raises (or Arnold press)
Rear Delts
Bent-over dumb bell row (or seated row)
Triceps Extension (or cable extensions)
Curls (dumb bell concentration or seated preacher)
10 minutes cardio cooldown
10 minutes stretching

Days 2 and 4:
10 minutes stretching
20 minutes cardio
Leg Press
Calf raises
Leg Ext.
Leg Curls
Hyperextension (or stiff leg deadlift)
10 minutes cardio cooldown
10 minutes stretching

My proposed changes are as follows:
Day 1:
10 minutes golf-specific stretching
20 minutes cardio
Golf-specific tension band routine
Golf-specific light dumbell routine

Day 2:
Same as Days 1 and 3 in original workout.

Day 3:
Same as Days 2 and 4 in original workout.

I'll probably do Day1 on Sunday, Day2 on Tuesday, and Day3 on Wednesday. I'll probably throw in some stretching on Thursday and Friday....all this should have my tissue repaired and stretched for Saturday's golf rounds.

Any suggestions? You guys have been great thus far.