I am 5'11" 155lbs and about 7-8%BF (last time I had my bf% taken was a year and half ago....i was 140lb and 5.7%bf). I want to get to about 170-175lbs and stay in the same body fat area of 7-8%.

I've been working out seriously for about a year now. Ive been trying to gain muscle and weight, and have been doing ok. I took creatine about 3 months ago for 2 weeks, and I ended up getting a really bad sinus infection which put me out of working out for a month, and I stopped taking creatine right away after i got sick. I gained 5lbs in those 2 weeks and was happy but lost the weight and more, and the strength i had built up for the past few months. Finally I have reached the weight that I was lifting when I was on creatine and back up to my weight that I was at. Right now, my diet really isnt consistent. I just try to eat healthy all day long. I wake up, eat a light breakfast (i.e. eggs/toast, or cereal, or a bagel and cream cheese)...go work out (I usually workout 2 days on, 1 day off....but have started working out 3 days on, 1 day off), come home and drink a protein shake after I have a pretty good sized lunch, and eat/snack throughout the rest of the day/night and have a pretty good sized dinner. Ive basically just tried to gain strength through working out, but now I want to really incorporate my diet into my working out routines.

My workouts basically consist of 4 exercises for each muscle group. My first set I try to get 10-12, barely making 10, but pushing for 12. My second I do the same but 8-10 reps, and my 3rd, I try to get 6-8, but sometimes I fall short with only 4 reps.
I work out Chest (day1)...back and shoulders (day2)....bi's and tri's (day3)....day off.

Well, if there are any more questions that I could answer to help you guys give me any advise, please post them.. Thanks in advance for any tips/advise!