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Thread: Building while you lose fat...

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    Building while you lose fat...

    i've read all throughout this forum that you should lift/bb on one day and cardio on an off day. will this really help build muscle while you lose body fat? personally, i want to build mass while losing my gut. my ab area doesnt look good compared to the rest of my upper body (arms/back/shoulders). what can i do, and is this really a good idea?
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    assuming you have a solid diet, pwo nutrition down, and lifting/rest all in order, then you should try HIIT on off days to spare some muscle and drop some fat, or you could try a keto diet.

    it's better to do cardio on off days so your body isn't tired(especially after legs days) and most people want to get some kind of post workout shake in a.s.a.p.

    can't lose fat JUST in the gut without lipo, it'll be an all around process otherwise.
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    I never thought it made a difference what day you did cardio. As long as you didn't do it before it working out, lose energy. Actually I thought doing some cardio on off days will cut into recovery.

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    BTW, did you check out the HIIT sticky?
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