I am doing this routine (Monday was my first day on it)
Squats 3*10-10-20
Flat BP 2*6-8
Deadlifts 3*10-10-20
Seated behind the neck presses 3*10
Lat Pull downs 3*12-10-8
Preacher Curls 1*6-8

oh God when i was done doing squats, my shirt was dripping with sweat, it was like i have jumped into a pool with my clothes on and then came out. After doing squats and BP, when the turn came for Deadlifts, i used the same weight i did for squats but i could only manage 3 reps. I took out 15 pounds but still i could only manage 5 reps, my thighs were simply just not supporting me and my form was too waywerd. In other words, i sucked on it.
But i wanted to do it with no excuses so after thinking for a minutes i did straight leg deadlifts (sldl's) for 2 sets of 10 reps each. I just want to ask can i replace deadlifts with SLDL's,believe me i just couldn't do them, my thighs were like crying and begging me to stop. Also my form on Dl's suck. Most of people in my gym got chicken legs.e.g. there is this guy with 41" chest, 17 inches biceps but i can even bet my gf his calves are no more than 13 inches. Guys in my gym are all kinda like this, they just never train legs so i cant ask them about the proper form. Only the coach can help me out but he comes in the night and i go to gym in the morning, so he cant help me with it. So are Straight leg deadlifts worth the same for back, biceps and traps and etc as deadlifts or should i just keep doing deadlifts until i get them right.