I got this guide called "Newbies research guide" on another forum. It basically talks about ALL aspects of lifting, including an extended guide to AAS. What I want you guys to do is read the dieting section of this guide. It goes against many theories I've heard about cutting.

Low Calorie diet plans are simply counter-productive. Muscles will burn bodyfat for their energy source, but they are also going to use a sufficient amount
of muscle glutamine due to the limited influx of calories from your food. So yea, you loose weight, but you loose muscle, then what? You’re suddenly more
overweight than you were before you first started this “diet” because you no longer have the means by which to burn the fat. These diets are like giving someone
five five-dollar bills for their twenty-dollar bill. Calorie constriction is an extremely counter-productive theory solely designed to sound good so someone can
sell a book and get rich.
“Well, you have to consume less calories than you burn to loose weight, right?” To those uneducated in this area it would make sense that to loose weight
you would have to take in less calories than you burn. In other words, people think that if you burn 2500 calories per day, you must consume 2499 calories
or less in order to loose weight. Well, that seems simple. But this is the worst thing that you can do unless you want to wreck your body. You must take in
way more calories than you burn! If you hear someone claiming this as the backbone for his or her diet plan, run from it! After reading this you can see why
some people can eat anything and never put on a pound and why other people can’t. Applying what you’ve learned about catabolism will help you to understand
that you can destroy any chance of becoming physically fit.

Isn't cutting all about calorie restriction? Is also goes into detail about every macronutrient and says one should never cut some carbs from their diet even if trying to lose weight and to eat very little fat....I couldn't actually attatch the document because its HUGE but if anyone wants to read it let me know or I can post more passages.