hey yo. i've been starting to lift weights and get fit for about 5 months now. i go to the gym a 3-4 times a week, and im trying to eat right, with a protein/carb shake after i work out. im seeing really good progress, however i am a small guy - 5'9, 159 lbs. i want to know a link or something that will give me a good lowdown on a bulking diet so i can gain some more muscle and mass. although, with bulking, i am concerned about getting more fat in my ab/stomach region. i dont wanna feel like im getting fat while im bulking! i understand that i will take in more fat and my bf% may go up, but i dont wanna look it. i dont wanna see myself in the mirror and say to myself 'im fatter' any ideas folks? oh, and whoever gives me a good link for bulking, thank you very much.