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Thread: Chin grip

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    Chin grip

    Would widening the grip on chins take stress away from the bis and more on the back. In addition to working the bis, I find they hit my middle upper back, could widening the grip help to focus more on that?
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    Well, wide grip chins hit your triceps more than your bis. But, I don't about the back. But, I'm guess it does.
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    No, triceps are not worked signficantly during chinups or pullups.

    To focus on biceps, do chinups (palms facing you), medium grip.

    To focus on lats, do pullups (palms facing away). Medium grip or wide grip.

    To focus on back, do rows, or pullups to the chest. You have to move away from the purely vertical motion of a proper chin/pull.

    Moral of the story: Do them all. They are all great! Chins are easier, so do them last.

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    Originally posted by Ironman8
    Well, wide grip chins hit your triceps more than your bis. But, I don't about the back. But, I'm guess it does.
    No. In either case the bi's are more focused than the tri's. The triceps are for pushing. They might act as stabilizers but they are used no more in a pull-up than biceps are used in the bench. Pull-ups are mostly used for building the back.

    I think there could be a debate as to whether the lats are engaged more on chins or pull-ups. Doing both never hurt.
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