I was looking back on my old threads and I noticed I really haven't gained much in the last month or so...

I've really been stuck on the same bench press for a long time now.

I started doing DB presses 4 weeks ago instead of BB presses to try to switch up my routine and add strength. I started with 50 pound DB's and last week I did two sets of 8 with 60 pounders. So I am increasing there, but I went back and did a set of BB presses to see if I had gained any and I was still stuck right in the same place.

And with curling... when I started lifting in January I was curling like 25 pound DB's. Now I'm doing 50 pound DB's for all three sets of 8 reps. But I have tried for the last 4 weeks to move up to 55 pounders and I can't. I am stuck at 50, and I cannot move up for sh-t. I know 50 is a respectable but I feel like I need to increase to gain.

My arms haven't gained much in the last month or so ethier.

I might be stressing to much but I feel like I've come to a halt on all my exercises and it's pissin me off.

Any advice