I'm thinking of giving up my normal 4-day split and trying HST for a few months. I'd like to test out this method for myself. I've been to the HST site and read all I could about it, but I was still at a loss for understanding. Thinking it would help I went through the archives and sorted through some old Q and A. To no avail I am still quite confused.

I've spent quite a long time training to failure, if I understand it correctly HST doesn't necessarily promote absolute muscle failure.
Is this true or false?

I've noticed that I can only go about 60 to 70 minutes in a workout before getting too fatigued and /or hungry. Should an HST workout take about this amount of time? If not, how much more or less?

The sample workouts shown on the HST page have two formats, the first format has the same exercises each day slowly progressing through resistance until your old max is reached on the final day of a cycle. The second format uses different lifts for each muslce group alternating for a total of three sessions each for every two week segment. Question is which is the real method? Are both accepted? Is the alternating plan used to alleviate monotony? Or did I read it wrong and one is an example of what not to do?

Could someone who has used HST with success post a sample routine for me to study?

Just out of curiosity-has anyone tried this just using machines? (I think it would be interesting to throw a newbie on something like that to see what would happen!)