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    Road to Greatness

    Hey this is my journal i guess, i know it would be easier to accomplish my goals if i do this so i am.. but im trying to bulk to 195 pounds.. and then cut to 190-185.. im currrently 150 right as of now..

    Thursday - Off day,
    Morning Breakfast (8:30 am)- Eggs, Ham Steak, Creatine Load,
    Lunch-(1:00 pm) Chinese Brown Rice , ham on wheat, Creatine Load, Protein Shake.
    (4:00)- Creatine Load
    Dinner- (8:00) Brown Rice, Broccoli Sum more veggies, Protein bar (30g protein) yuck!!

    Work out is tomor, if ne 1 could help me out with my diet please. i kno i need to eat more but i never have the stuff prepared, which i need to cuz i work around a hetic schedule..

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