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Thread: Squats vs. lunges

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    Squats vs. lunges

    Me again. I have trouble doing squats due to low back problems. I was wondering how effective lunges would be. Do they target the same muscles as squats? Also when doing lunges is it ok to plant my foot in front and keep it there for the whole set, or should I step forward and back with each rep?

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    I tend to like lunges better though they don't work the exact muscles that squat does. You'll still get good results because through it all, its very similar to a one-legged squat.

    I prefer walking lunges. Just keep putting one step out in front of the other. I don't like stepping back because I tend to ge thrown off balance to easily that way.
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    I bought a "Manta-Ray" to put on the bar. Helped my back quite a bit. Just significantly reduce the weight on squats to get your form down...

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    I used to have back problems to and couldn't squat, but for some reason I could do BB Hack Squats without pain. Might want to try them also.
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