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    Steve's Lifting + Diet Journal

    This is my real first time im going to start a real lifting program so i decided that i was going to make a journal and record all my info for each day so i could mark my progress and get help/and advice from people.

    Some info about me

    height- 5'9
    bf%- Not accurate but about 15-20 %

    I had surgery just about 10 months ago on my right elbow so i have been gettin it into shape the last few months and my lifts are really weak now from the surgery.

    Max lifts as of now- 7/24

    BB bench press 125 2 Rpm
    Dead lifts- 170 1 Rpm
    BB bicep Curls- 60 5 Rpm

    Im looking forward to uping my lifts because i havent workoed out in about a year since surgery..... but i have to go slow in risk of another injury.

    Goals: For 3 months

    BB bench: 170 1 Rpm
    Dead Lift- 220
    BB bicep curls- 80 5 Rpm

    Weight- 175
    Bf- 10-15%
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