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Thread: Overworking, underworking..

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    Overworking, underworking..

    Ok, question time again.. When I work my legs, for the next few days I have trouble walking, going up stairs.. and whatever else that requires any, well, movement. When working anything else, I get a little bit tigher and kinda tender, but nothing to this degree.. Am I overworking my legs? Underworking the rest of my body? Or is it just that because I'm walking all the time, I relize how tender my legs really are?

    Also.. as a beginner, what sort of goals should I be setting for myself? How long does it really take to get some showing results (I know I'm stronger already, and I think I've lost a little bit of weight.. but how long till muscle is actually showing?)

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    After an upper body day, try walking around on your hands all day. My point is just that you stress the leg muscles much more than any other group during a normal day. You'll just notice the pain much more. You're working the muscles fine.
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    I think legs have taken the longest to notice a difference as far as appearance goes. For me at least. Probably because my legs were the fattest part on my body.

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    you'll have to post your routine for us to tell you if you are over training them, but i can tell you that i do a total of 8 sets for my thighs [quads and hams together] and my legs are fried from monday to friday.
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