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Thread: The Quest for Speed/Strength

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    The Quest for Speed/Strength

    - I finally decided I need a centralized location for a journal. So here goes...

    - Training mainly for speed and strength - but I'm fairly new to training (as I'm sure you'll be able to see from my numbers )

    I've been heavily influenced by Coach Thibaudeau, Francis, WSB, Staley, and even our very own BlitzForce (aka CCJ) - and all the wonderful articles/references he posts, a true student!

    A little background:
    - I used to be a collegiate rower, but have since migrated to more explosive-style training.

    - I'm a pretty skinny guy - Stats:
    • Height: 73+"
    • Weight: 165lbs
    • BF%: ~10%
    • Age: 21

    Goals by 2004:
    • Weight: 180lbs
    • Full Squat: 315 (it'll be tough )
    • Hang Snatch: 135lbs
    • Snatch Grip Dead: 295
    • Standing OHP: 115 3x3
    • Flat Bench: 135 3x3

    Btw: In case you're wondering about the low upperbody goals, I just spent the last 5 months recovering from a Rotator Cuff injury from a steep fall off a hill...and my pressing power is starting from ground zero...
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