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Thread: Torn torso

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    Torn torso

    I've been altering my routine, Tuesday night did:
    4 sets pulldowns, (the stack)
    3 sets seated rows, (the stack)
    3 sets dumbell rows, (115 lbs)
    all sets to absolute concentric failure then a 10 second 'hold rep'
    5 sets super heavy shrugs

    all movements done with extra 15 - 20% weight above normal.
    Most of you will find this a statement of the obvious but:
    48 hours later my entire torso felt 'torn' and painful, not that "pleasent" soreness you normally associate with a good workout but real pain shooting everywhere, lasted around 3 days.
    The moral: Dont increase weight on an altered routine, dont believe everything you read, eg. 'hold reps', and dont be seduced by the seductress of excessive training.
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    Lots of volume + lots of intensity - lots of steroids = lots of pain + no gains.
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    That is too much volume you are overtraining. Instead of 4 sets of pulldowns, 3 sets of seated rows, 3 sets of dumbbell rows and 5 sets of shrugs try doing 3 sets of pulldowns, 2 sets of seated rows, 2 sets of dumbbell rows and 3 sets of shrugs. You will grow and progress better by lessening your total sets on back from 15 to 7-9 sets and traps are are small muscle and 2-3 heavy sets for traps is plenty. I lessened the amount of volume for my workouts and I progress each week. Try it out

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    yep i totally agree with bigshow, there is a limit to how much work you can do before it becomes counterproductive(i.e. overtraining). I don't think it is that serious if you do it once the important thing is to learn from you mistake and lessen the volume of work.


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