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Thread: Progress Pics: Three month Update!!

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    Progress Pics: Three month Update!!

    Alright guys! here are the update pics. I last posted pics about three to four months ago and the general consensus was "work on your back". Thats exactly what I have done and I really appreciate you guys pointing that out for me. This bunch of new pics are basically me attempting to strike some poses, not sure where I got them from, complete with a variety of "LOL" stupid expressions. Feel free to have a laugh at my expense.

    Also feel free to offer me any advice/criticism that you have. The lighting wasn't the best and I promise to have better pics in another three months.

    Back Pics:

    First back pic. Double Bi.

    Weird pose. Back and arms.

    Left Arm:

    Side Arm Pose. No idea what I'm doing, just striking poses.


    Laughing at something my cousin said while trying to do a front pose.

    Most Muscular

    I just started cutting about two weeks ago, lost my little tummy and am now getting rid of those stubborn little lovehandles. I think another three to four weeks and I"ll be ready to bulk again.

    I'd really appreciate some feedback, especially from people who saw my original pics. My main concern is symmetry, I want all my bodyparts to be in line with each other. Thanks guys.
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