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Thread: Post-workout nutrition on a "light" day?

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    Post-workout nutrition on a "light" day?

    ok, well today i did legs, and i usually do some direct calf work as well, but today my legs were totally burned out and i didnt get a chance to do any calve raises or anything.

    should i just skip it for one week?

    or i was thinking i could go 2 the gym tomarrow and just work my abs and calves and maybe even my forearms for a change.

    but i was wondering, if i would go to the gym and work my forearms,abs, and calves, should i still take my normal post-workout shake of 22g of protein and 60g of dextrose? or should i lower the amount of dextrose since the weightlifting session wont be working any "big" muscles?
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    im not sure what is right or wrong, but just as you suggested, i cut my dextrose in half on lighter days. I think because you are not depleting glycogen stores as much, there is not such a great need for post workout carbs.

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    Werd....What Junior said is what I do in that situation. It rarely ever happens...but in the case it does.


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