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Thread: WBB#1 Please advise

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    Help with training please:)

    I have just done the first week of WBB#1, all seemed to go ok, but maybe i need a little help?

    I have started the weight a tad light maybe, but I've never lifted b4 and didnt want to overdue things.

    I'm having problems with the Dips and Chinups, but i guess they have to be done, maybe in time I'll perfect them?

    I have attached a excel layout of my WBB#1, i have followed to routine to the letter apart from I have made the workout a 2day routine, by splitting day 3 and adding half and half to day one and day 5 if you see what i mean.

    Can you gang look over what i'm lifting weight wise and LMK your opinions plz?

    212 lbs(doesnt seem to be going down that mych now, just 2lbs i n2 weeks?)
    BF to be done this week!!!
    I am also taking some pics of my body so see the gradual turnaround...(pray it happens)
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    You'll be fine.

    Change it as you see fit, just keep the focus on the compound lifts and on progression.
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