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Thread: New apartment complex...with a gym. Good or bad?

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    New apartment complex...with a gym. Good or bad?

    I have been going to a decent size gym for awhile. I just moved to an apartment complex that has a small gym. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the other gym, but it seems to have some decent stuff...a bunch of cardio machines, a machine that one can do a lot of exercises on (but not free weights), and good dumbells. I'd hate to drop more cash for another gym membership. Do you think that I can accomplish a lot in this small gym? I mean, some people get big/cut in home gyms with not a lot of equipment, correct? Advice? Thanks!!!
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    It just depends on how the exercises compare to what you can get in your gym. I think if you worked out a few days at the apartment you'd get a good idea for yourself on how they'd stack up. Nobody here can give you as definate of an answer as you can by just trying it out.
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    Yea try it out. You should know after u try it.
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