I've just finished up dumping about 25 lbs. by following a low carb diet. I'm as light as I've been in the last ten years or so and am looking forward to getting fit by lifting. My goals are to gain overall lean body mass and much more upper body strength, which right now is severly lacking (pretty general goals I know, but I'm just starting out).

My questions are:

1. Can I add lean muscle mass while maintaining a low carb diet?

2. Is it harder to gain muscle mass while eating low carb?

3. If I can't gain lean muscle mass while eating low carb, will lifting consistently and sticking to a solid training routine (along with a clean diet) allow me to continue to lose body fat?

4. Is there a happy medium in carb intake (i.e. can I find a point where I'm eating enough carbs to fuel muscle growth, but not add wieght - anyone care to take a stab at a range of where that might be?? )

I understand that dietary requirements will be different for everyone and that everyone will be different in regards to adding muscle mass. What I'm looking for are some good guidelines to try.