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Thread: wbb2 ?'s

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    wbb2 ?'s

    i looked on exrx.. maybe i overlooked these.. but what are..

    leg extensions
    hamstring curls
    2-3x6 (supersetted)

    thanks in advance.

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    hamstring curls, most leg curl attachments have a preacher curl attachment too, this can also be subbed as a hamstring curl, you lie on the bench on your stomach, put your legs under the preacher curl attachment, and it's like reverse leg curls.

    supersetted - do one exercise, then go straight to the next without resting. in this case - do a set of 6 reps of dumbell press, then go to lat raises, then front lat raises. do 1/or/2 more sets of these

    skullcrushers - lieing triceps extensions
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