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Thread: Deadlift routine

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    Deadlift routine

    Could someone please help me with a deadlift routine. Today was my first time doing deads I had a trainer work with me on form and the highest I pulled was 315 for 2. I need to know how many sets I should do plus number of reps and weight. I will be doing them at the beginning of my back day. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    You could try this:

    135x6/135x6/225x4/225x4/275x2/ Then go to your heavy set.

    If you did 315x2 your first time out ever, you will probably find it pretty light the next time, given you go for 2 reps. What I'd suggest is maybe only go up a little bit in weight, and concentrate on form for a little while longer, then you can start piling on the plates.
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    you might want to seek out the advice of an actual powerlifting coach as opposed to a 'trainer'

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    What is the proper form for the dead lift? I did it for the first time tonight and wasnt sure if i was doing it properly. I was keeping my back straight and bending my knees, but i was trying not to have any ROM in my knees for fear of it turning into too much of a squat type motion. Is there a reference here on the site about proper form for the routines?
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    You can find form for tons of exercies here:
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