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Thread: Help on REVERSE PYRAMID??

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new here and need your advice promptly. I started lifting with supersets or scattered sets which is the same as the 2-split program (working two body parts per workout), but start an exercise of one body part then an exercise of the second body part, so I don't fatigue my muscles. Well, two months ago, I started the regular 2-split program or what is called here WBB1. All this time, I have been lifting using the pyramid (up) technique e.g. increase the weight per set/high reps (10-12).
    I want to try the reverse pyramid, with max weight/low reps. But not sure to do this with every body part such as for legs, shoulders, triceps. Or the reverse pyramid is just for chest because I can't imagine using it for squats.
    Need suggestions or any constructive critique

    Other questions:
    1. Cardio training is done twice a week. Can I do the navy seal training instead of cardio?? e.g. 5X20 knee raises,5x20 pushups, 10x12 dips (assisted & machine), 10x12 pullups (assisted & machine).
    2. Do anyone gets stretch marks using the hack squats machine and standing calves machine in the shoulders?
    3. Is this exercise a good one or a bad posture? Barbell front raises but instead I use a 35 pound plate, I even can lift higher past my eyes with plate. I feel the shoulders working but not sure if it's going to harm my back.

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    Re: Help on REVERSE PYRAMID??

    Reverse Pyramids:
    What do you mean by reverse pyramid? Can you explain this using reps/sets?

    A pyramid set for bench might be (reps x weight):

    15x135, 10x225, 5x275, 10x225, 15x135

    or something like that, right? by reverse pyramid do you mean heavier weights at the beginning and end with light in the middle? Or something else?

    Cardio Training
    If you're doing all that navy seal stuff without resting such that your heart rate gets elevated and stays elevated for long enough then it's probably ok. Why not simply go for a run though?

    Stretch Marks
    It's more likely to be simply some broken blood vessels in your shoulders, not stretch mark. This is a function of heavy weight pressing down on your shoulders. Relax, they'll go away after a few days.

    Front Raise with Plate
    Nothing wrong with this exercise except the fact that it will be limited... the biggest plates most gyms have are 45lbs, and as you get stronger at some point this will not be enough weight for you. If it works for you know, it's probably OK.

    The whole point of the WBB routines is a guideline. They're not written in stone -- if you want to change things, change 'em.

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    Yes, by reverse pyramid I mean heavier weights at the beginning (low reps) and end with light weights (more reps). But I would guess only applies to chest???
    The problem is that I don't have a year into weightlifting and if I do this then I will limit my strength because I have not acquired enough of it. I always had problems with my chest, it is one of my underdeveloped body parts not to mention strength.
    I don't know which of these two methods will increase my strength, pyramid or reverse pyramid routine?
    I imagine the normal pyramid helps with endurance but I saw from other posts that to increase strength I need to use reverse pyramid. Another problem is that if I limit my chest to reverse pyramid, I will not be able to lift max weight in high reps because the concept of reverse pyramid (max weight with low reps).


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