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Thread: My new physique

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    My new physique

    Woah...feels good to have internet access again! Maybe I'll be able to post more often.

    Ok, now, even though I work part time, go to college full time, and working in my production company, my physique continues to improve. It is really a testament to how devoted I am to my goals.

    I usually work 11-7:30, so I get up every morning at 7:45 and work out before work. Arnold and I have that in common, our best workouts are in the morning when we're fresh.

    Either way, my lifts have improved. I've been doing the bent over barbell rows with 100lbs, up from 80 lbs the last time we spoke of the matter, and my back has become more limber so I can do the lift correctly through the whole motion. I have also moved up to doing some wide grip pullups without assistance. My back is getting nice and wide, upper back has all them fancy ripples and shiz. Shoulders, nice. Arms are still kinda small in comparison to the rest of my body.....damn my parents.

    I've also found my abs! They're pretty cool, I like them. I'll try to get some pictures up sometime soon, I look a whole lot better than I used to. Huge and very noticeable differences.

    Only one bad thing company has been in aquisition talks with Ritz camera.
    Good company being bought by bad company= me leaving

    Gotta look for a new job....maybe I can work out for a living.
    Yeah, and I'm a Chinese jet pilot.

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    You're Chinese?

    Good to hear you're doin good bro. Why don't ya stick around now fool!
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    thanx for the update. keep up the work


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